Small drops are sliding slowly. Some take the same path, making them merge, becoming one, and then sliding faster only to disappear somewhere at the bottom. I can see the whole world in them – cars, trees, shoes, umbrellas, even my face. It’s all there – moving, dancing, stopping, hesitating, then moving again, changing routes, colliding, becoming bigger, living, disappearing.
Many people don’t like rain, I love it. Well, many people don’t like a lot of things. I didn’t like a lot of things, but now I like everything. I want to see everything, I want to learn about everything, experience everything. Now. When I can’t. People are stupid. They don’t understand, until it’s too late. To some it’s easier to hate than to love. Stupid, stupid, stupid…That used to make me so angry, they don’t see how lucky they are. I wanted another chance, because now I see it, I feel it, I appreciate it…
My eye is following one drop. I see the sun in it, it shines so bright. I see the sky, and a smile. It’s sliding fast, too fast. Stop, don’t go that fast! You are missing a lot! No, no! Not that fast! There’s so much to see, so much to do! Stop! And…it’s gone… too fast…


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